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Cutting Edge Charging Management

eMotion is an integrated platform for electic car charger operators, which provides a cost effective solution for user and (system) administration problems. It’s fully adaptable to various e-mobility business models, roles and structures, providing a solution to every possible demand.

All features in one place

eMotion is a charging station management SaaS backend system, which requires a one time signup fee and runs on low operational expenses. The central system management and monitoring functions shorten system outages, resulting in a higher quality service.

  • CRM
  • Customer program
    loyalty systems
  • Billing, payment
  • Energy providers
  • Parking, roaming
  • Local energy management

Fully customizable, flexible and cost effective integrated service with
customer chosen 3rd party systems.

customer support

Flexible administration of
clients and user groups

One Time Signup Fee

  • Competitive, infrastructure based operational costs
  • Better return rates due to excessively high availability
  • Robust setup, resulting in high SLA

Easy supervising

Creating general and financial
reports about the system’s operation

Broad feature set

  • 1.6
    Full functionality based on OCPP 1.6
  • All around verification and administration features
    (RFID, mobile app)
  • Smart Charging support (integration with building-
    energetics and local systems)

Supporting the evolution and expansion
of the e-mobility market

  • Scalable and modular
    system architecture
  • High end support for migration and installation (software and processes)

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